Monday 28th March 2022: 

We have been through our Lenten Retreat weekend, with fellowship, plenty of fun, deep thinking and solitude, good food and wine with quite a lot of rain, lead by Bryan and Laara Davey, here on Paardeplaats. It was an experience preparing us for the realities of Easter:

is a season for us to sit in ash,

to lament our brokenness,
to let go of
what keeps us from a life with God,
to choose
not to continue with life as usual,
to wait
while growth takes place in us,
and to be still
so that God can do His work in us. 

Tuesday 11th January 2022:

We had a massive thunder storm, where 80 mm was recorded in 1 hour. Fortunately not much damage was done and the flow of the stream is close to a raging torrent. We anticipate that all plants and flowers will respond well to the more controlled environment of the River Ramble, in the future.

January 2022:

The infra-red movement cameras (my 80th birthday present) are now installed – at two different locations, and the fun begins!
Within the first week the cameras record a large bush-pig, lots of baboons, and a porcupine. Later we recorded a klipspringer a rooikat and a warthog.
We look forward to lots of revealing nature photos, both nocturnal and daytime, in the future.
The ‘river ramble’ is responding very well to the good summer rains: the schizostylis, agapantha inapertus and nerinas’ are in full bloom. The tree-ferns are thriving in the cleared space around them – There are over 30 of them in the 300 meters of the river ramble, some with a spread of over 3 meters.

Friday 18th June 2021:     

Lungisile & Velli saw a leopard fighting a bush pig, close to the boom at 5pm (Shaila time).  This is very important for us, as leopards are so shy, and being nocturnal in our area, we hardly ever see them.