For the first time in our entire lives, we are all in the same boat – preferably at a 2m distance apart, thanks to Covid 19!
Paardeplaats Nature Retreat, 12km outside Lydenburg on the Longtom Pass, has always been a safe haven, providing self-catering and catered  accommodation in the Lydenburg area. Our off the grid accommodation guarantees no-load-shedding, what with our upgraded solar system and wood and gas stoves.

We can now honestly welcome guests to a self-quarantine isolated spot in the freedom of unspoilt nature and fresh air. Due to website renovations and foreign cancellations, we have all our rooms open – also for last minute essential services guests.

We would also like to take this opportunity to detail the preventative measures that we’ve put in place to maintain the well-being of our guests, our staff and management. Here’s what we’ve done and continue to do to secure health safety:

In line with global and national information about risk areas available,
our small staff contingent have not and will not leave the farm to go shopping or to go home to outlying areas.

They (and ourselves) are checked on a daily basis for any flu symptoms.

Increased frequency of routine sanitation and hand-washing throughout the day with regular hygiene reminders.

Brian does all shopping (well armed with his face mask and sanitiser) in Lydenburg where there have been NO cases of Covid 19 infections reported. We do not receive any goods delivered from outside.

All surfaces are cleaned daily with disinfectant.

We offer Friends of Paardeplaats a 20% reduction on all direct bookings.
Contact us on or or phone us on 013 1100 320 or 082 416 1379.

Visit for more info on our facility.


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COVID-19 For the first time in our entire lives, we are all in the same boat – [...]


We speak English. Ons praat Afrikaans. Nous parlons français.

Photo Credit: Des Jacobs