Should we feel guilty if we have no load shedding?

Brian and I live in a weird paradise at the moment?
We listen to the news and can even watch TV, now that our 1993 solar system has been upgraded to Rolls Royce status. And we feel sort of guilty. Because on the one hand we feel as angry and frustrated as all South Africans do –  to think that the present state of Eskom’s affairs has even affected the game of cricket, and our country’s international image – resulting in our downgrading!

But on the other hand, we are unaffected!  We haven’t had a moment’s inconvenience (load shedding), our lights are on at the flick a switch. We have just watched  the incredible movie “Life is Beautiful” – all 3 hours of it. And Brian cooks up a storm whenever he feels like it –  On our wood stove, that is.

Being off the grid has physical and emotional perks – ask us. We have just welcomed our guests from Jo’burg – Roshna and Jay Morar, and we can honestly guarantee NO load shedding for their 4 day stay on Paardeplaats. We showed them how to light the wood stove, gave them our  WIFI code and showed them our latest luxury – a USB plug point in each room for cell phones and laptops.

To be honest, we don’t revel in others’ misfortune. We’re so grateful  that we are not affected by the dismal state of affairs inflicted on our entire country. Grateful to our son Arno for the brilliant upgrade design of our present solar system, and to Arthur Zonneveld for the perfect installation!

On Paardeplaats we lead a rather simple existence – close to basics, one could say. (Or as Brian refers to it – “what we have is elegant simplicity”…) We cook on a wood stove, or we braai; this very wood stove makes enough hot water for our shower, limiting our use of gas for showers. Our gas fridges  all have been replaced with eco friendly electric ’AA’ fridge freezers. Our electricity and lights are solar and through good discipline we turn them on and off as needed. We even do our washing and ironing through our new system!

But overnight our basic living has apparently turned into ultra luxury. This is so ironical! We wish we could share this with all off deprived South Africa.

Go solar (green) guys, it pays – sooner than you think! Come and try it out, for a weekend on Paardeplaats Nature Retreat!!