Seven Brain habits that will improve your personal and professional performance.


Manus Du Toit from BNI Nelspruit with Brian Whitehorn of Paardeplaats Nature Resreve

Manus du Toit, Nico Burger, Brian Whitehorn

The international business generation and referral organisation, BNI, believes in helping businesses and their owners to grow.

BNI Nelspriut workshop at Paardeplaats

Joey Fletcher, Elmarie & Wayne Jefferis

At a recent workshop, brain-based development practitioner Manus du Toit from Brainy Acts in Nelspruit conducted an informal workshop for members of the Longtom Chapter at Paardeplaats Nature Retreat close to Lydenburg. Du Toit explained how seven basic brain habits could optimise performance and general health.

After an informative interactive session, guests were treated to scrumptious soup and snacks prepared by Paardeplaats’ Saucy Chef Brian Whitehorn.

BNI healthy habits

Manus du Toit, Gerhard & Christine van den Berg, Rentia & Pine Pienaar.

 Seven Brain habits that will improve your personal and professional performance.

Is it possible to optimize your work performance? Very possible, said Manus du Toit from Brainy Acts in Nelspruit. Du Toit, also Area Manager Mpumalanga for the international business generation organization BNI, held a “Brain Basics” workshop for members of the Longtom BNI branch at Paardeplaats Nature Retreat last week.

He shared seven basic brain habits that have been proven to drastically improve not only performance in the workplace but also general well-being, health and happiness.


Manus Du Toit

“Everything you say, think or do, triggers a chemical reaction in the brain,” Manus said.

A negative thought or action releases an inhibitor, he explained to a spellbound group of twenty businessmen and women from Lydenburg, gathering informally at Paardeplaats. “However, should one choose to actively practise seven basic brain habits, improvement is guaranteed.”

ATTITUDE is golden rule number one. No qualification, skill or incentive equips you better for performance.

BRAIN FITNESS is rule number two. The thicker the corpus colossum, the quicker brain messages are delivered. To demonstrate this fact, Du Toit had his audience in stitches, practising simple cross-over exercises that could be performed daily – i.e. touching your left ear with your right hand with the other hand resting on your nose. Playing a musical instrument, exercise, sport and reading are all examples of activities contributing to brain fitness.

Saucy Chef Brian in action

Saucy Chef Brian in action

A HEALTHY DIET is the next prerequisite:

* Drink 8 glasses of water per day – not counting coffee, tea or other drinks

* Protein – more white than red meat and more fish than chicken

* At least 5 fresh fruit or veg per day

* Nuts and avo and other specific brain foods – but don’t overdo quantities

REGULAR EXERCISE  does not only result in a healthier brain but also addresses conflict, stress and general emotional health.

STRESS MANAGEMENT has to become a lifestyle and not only a skill. Breathing exercises, laughing, appropriate music and exposure to nature are readily available methods to achieve peace of mind and equilibrium.

YOUR OWN BRAIN PROFILE contributes to your ability to perform better – a brain-based learning and development practitioner like Manus can assist with this, by means of uncomplicated tests.

SOCIAL INTERACTION is rule number seven, particularly important for introverts or recluses who are drained by people. Extended isolation can lead to depression and unhappiness, he warned.

GENERAL TIPS shared with BNI members:

* Create a vision for yourself and write it down. A sense of accomplishment contributes to happiness.

* Set goals. Continuously ask yourself where you are, where you would like to be and how you will get there. This must be a step by step process. If you want to lose weight, get fit or buy a new car, it will only happen if you formulate how you will get there, day by day.

Healthy habits foster healthy friendships

Healthy habits foster healthy friendships

Challenge your comfort zone but remember who you are, Manus said in closing. A healthy brain leads to a healthy mind and body – and ultimately to peak performance and happiness,

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