Paardeplaats is a paradise for nature lovers, seeking a peaceful retreat in the mountains. It is a green establishment that runs on solar power, gas and a love of nature. Our system cannot accommodate TV’s or microwaves. We do not have cell phone reception, however we do have an emergency telephone.

Winter view of Masjienkloof

At Paardeplaats we try to create an ambience of family therapy and elegant simplicity.

There is a rich bird life and fauna and flora, so bring along your camera, hiking shoes and binoculars!

Protea Roupelliae growing on “Jesus Hill”

For walkers and cyclists using our “Jafrie Hiking Trail” the vistas are often quite breath taking and well worth the effort!

However if you would like to relax and bury yourself in a book, our sunny patio is the place to be!

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