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All you need to know about Us & Paardeplaats:

                                                                                     Your hosts Brian & Gerda in the Miners Canteen Kitchen


                                                About Us:



Our Core Values:

(In no particular order but none-the-less’, all important to us!)

We live in nature on Paardeplaats

Our Maker honoured us as the custodians of nature on Paardeplaats. We take this seriously!   

We are committed to protecting  nature.

We are committed to leaving a clean footprint in nature 

On Paardeplaats Nature Retreat we care about people.

Within the framework of our policy towards nature, we will always do our best, for our guests

We like to encourage people to share in nature on Paardeplaats.


This is what motivates us on Paardeplaats Nature Retreat!


                                           The Paardeplaats “Waterfall”


              The Farm – Paardeplaats 154 JT:

Paardeplaats being 700ha in extent, was proclaimed as a Nature Reserve, in 1956. We are a haven for a host of sub-alpine fauna and flora species, and we are the breading ground for the Gurneys sugar bird. We have a variety of small game (oribi, grey rheebuck, mountain reed buck, duiker, klipspringers, blesbuck and often elande and kudus. There are also baboons, porcupines, honey badgers, brown hyenas, black-backed jackals, rooikatte and at times, sometimes frequently, even leopards). We boarder on the Gustav Klingbiel Nature Reserve on our western boundry.

      Our Beloved Family Pets on Paardeplaats:

Our farm dogs have been taught to ignore and not harm the birds and game. They are perfectly well behaved dogs that adore all people, especially children, to a fault! Please don’t spoil or feed them – they are not used to “people food”. They also love walking and would normally show you the way!

Unfortunately our beloved dog, Umjoji, whom many would remember, passed away on Monday 22nd February 2016, after a very trying 4 months, with a serious heart murmur. Hambe Gahle Umjoji!

On Saturday 27th May 2017 at 08h00 Pampata disappeared off the face of the earth, without a trace. We presume she was killed by those darn baboons or a leopard. We miss you Pampata!

In August 2017 we were generously given our new friend ‘Bono’, a Labrador,  as a present, by Gerrit van der Nest. He’s a very lovable and intelligent dog! In April 2018 we were given a special gift by the Wilson family in town. Our black ‘Great Dane’, Shaka, is a magnificent specimen , standing well over 2 meters tall on his hind legs.

Our Friendly Paardeplaats Staff:

Our Staff, Lucas, Lungisile, and Velli are here to help make your stay as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. They will wash the previous nights dishes, clean and repack the fires at the hearth and the wood-stove each day, and clean the bathrooms.

Please discuss with Lucas, what time you would like them to arrive in the mornings – the normal time on weekends and holidays is 08h00


The Catering Facilities in the Miners Canteen:

                                  Tobie enjoying the warmth at the Hearth

Tobie van Rensburg aan't braaiThere is sufficient crockery and cutlery in the kitchen, for about 20 people. We have two large fridge / freezers, for all your meat, dairy and drinks, and an old, antique, evaporative cooler on the veranda for your vegetables and fruit. For cooking we have a 3 burner gas stove and a “Union Number 8”, wood burning stove, in the kitchen. The staff will light the stove for you and show you how the oven works, if you need it. If you want to have a braai, the fire at the cooking hearth, outside in the lapa, is always stacked and ready for you to use. We do have a few 3 legged pots, if you would like to cook a “potjie”, ask the staff member on duty to clean and have them ready for you.



The Lighting on Paardeplaats:

Our lights are solar powered, and being situated at 2000 meters above sea level we are in the “mist belt”. We do have periods of up to 5 days, and more, where we do not have much sunshine, so please use the lights sparingly in those circumstances – i.e. don’t leave lights on unnecessarily, or you might run out of power! When you leave a room, please ensure that lights are switched off. The new power system has been calculated to supply sufficient lighting for even a long weekend, if used correctly. There are plug points in all bedrooms and in the ‘living area’ which can be used for computers or to charge cell phones. They can also be used for sleep apnea machines – so you can sleep comfortably!


      The Other Details of Paardeplaats:

The septic tanks are a sensitive system. Please stick to bio-degradable deposits only, in the toilets, and use the bins for all other deposits. We also split kitchen refuse into BIO (paper and organic) and other in the two different bins.

Our water supply is from a fountain situated about 300m upstream of the lodge. The quality of this water is excellent, and we have a secured supply of 12 500 liters in storage. There are times, when we have heavy storms, where in the short term, the stream water is affected, but our storage capacity overcomes this.

Each evening at about 19h00, the gate at the main road is locked – and re-opened, again, at 06h00. This is only a precautionary measure, as we have never, yet, had an incident. If you need to leave the farm during this period, or if you are likely to have part of your party arrive later in the evening, please let Lucas know – or hoot at his house.

There is cell phone reception at Brian’s office. For Wifi connection, ask Brian for the password. Should you have an emergency, please notify the staff.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

You may use our farm telephone, in Brian’s office:  013 110 0320, Brian Cell 082 416 1379, Gerda Cell 079 515 7799
Please fill in our guest book and leave your cell numbers and e-mail addresses, to join our “Friends of Paardeplaats Group”. Also, follow us on facebook and the web.

We invite you to relax, and enjoy our farm, with all it has to offer. You, our guests are very special to us, and we hope that your stay here, will become a fond memory!