Easter “Sonrise” Service April 2014

With Easter 2014 upon us, it is vitally important for us to focus on the true meaning and implications of Easter.

This year we will be holding a “Good Friday” service on the Jesus Hill (Friday 18th April) up at the cross from 06h00 till 12h00. The whole purpose of this service is to sit in sombre, silence and to pray, listen to and meditate with God, either as individuals or in groups. Communion will be served for each individual, as they are ready. There will be some appropriate Bible readings, at times.  People will be able to come and go as they feel. This will be open to all denominations. All will be welcome!

On Easter Sunday 20th April, we will again be holding a “Sonrise” service, also at the cross. The service, which will be open to all, will be led by ministers and pastors from several denominations, and will start at 06h00. As usual, please park at the gate at the bottom of the hill. We try to avoid driving up as this causes erosion. We will make necessary arrangements for the frail and aged to “get to the top”. So it will be important to arrive well before the service commences, to give yourselves time to climb the hill to the cross, with your chairs and cushions. Please bring along some mugs, coffee and “hot cross” buns, for afterwards. The service should end by about 07h30, when you would be able to return to your own church services, in town.

At midday, we will be holding a fellowship “Braai” at the Paardeplaats picnic spot. This will be a family, bring and braai for all denominations (bring your own meat, salads and drinks), however communal fires will be provided, and we will have a large pot of “Jan Pap” and tomato sauce, available. You will need to bring blankets, cushions and chairs.  This will be a “fun gathering” and should be over by about 16h00.

For more info please contact either:
Pastor Andre    084 688 5007
Father Kgosi    084 854 1425
Dominee Fred  082 805 0924

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