Easter 2018 “Son Rise Service”


With Easter only 3 weeks away, it is again time to plan for the Easter Sunday “Son Rise” service on April 1st on the top of the Jesus hill at Paardeplaats, 12km out of town en route to Sabie (route R37).

The service will start at 06h00, come sunshine or mist. It will be wise to arrive from 05h30 or earlier, to allow yourself time to climb up the hill, and settle in.  Although still in darkness, there will be paraffin lanterns to light your way. If you have good torches bring them along.  There will be ample parking down at the gate, with monitors to direct and help you. For those who can’t make the climb up the hill, there will be a tractor and trailer with benches, which will leave from the gate at the bottom at 05h45. This will be able to carry up to 20 people, and should be reserved for the elderly and those who have health problems and restrictions. One could load blankets and chairs on the trailer to make the ascent easier.

It will be essentially a family affair, non denominational and open to all who want to celebrate this very special occasion. (Most probably the celebration of the most important event in the history of mankind). We will have a fixed program with traditional hymns and songs to be sung.

Wear a pair of good walking shoes, and bring a hat for later when the sun rises, which will be around 06h00. Dress warmly and watch the weather forecast. There are some large logs that can be used as benches. Bring folding chairs, blankets and cushions, tea/coffee and hot cross buns.  The service will take about an hour, and will end with a sharing of the buns and coffee.

This special event is a very inspirational experience, as we gather in the dark to watch the “Sonrise”, and then go off to celebrate at our various churches and with our families.

Please feel free to phone Brian 079 694 9462 or 082 416 1379, to find out more.