Artichoke Starter

Eating artichokes are like eating oysters – not all people appreciate it.

Saucy Chef- Artichokes in a bowl

The honest way is to peel the flower – actually, a thistle, – from outside in, till you get to the heart.

Key is a good sauce, says Saucy Chef Brian

So here goes:
One third lemon juice
Two-thirds olive oil,
A scoop Dijon mustard
Black pepper & salt to taste.

Saucy Chef Artichoke hearts

Whisk till it emulsifies properly.
Halve the artichokes and boil for 40 minutes with 1tsp salt.
Drain. Let cool slightly.
Start peeling the outside leaves.
The “choke” is the hairy part. Use a teaspoon to remove this to get to the valuable “heart”.
Dress the hearts in the sauce and toss while still warm.

Eat with melba toast or as is.

Saucy Chef Artichokes