“Holism is the tendency in nature to form wholes that are greater than the sum of the parts, through creative evolution…”  – Jan Smuts


A Thought provoking question based on the above:

Why is it that Albert Einstein was so impressed by Jan Smuts and vice versa?

They both lived in the same era,  they were both great, deep thinkers! They were both greatly affected by the painful circumstances of their times,  and they both loved nature! Both Einstein and Smuts left deep inroads in the lives we all live today.

Einstein was totally absorbed by his theory of Relativity and Jan Smuts by his thoughts on Philosophy and Holism.  Relativity and Holism have many common overlapping similarities. There is plenty of common ground, in the two ‘theories’.

Albert Einstein had a lasting input in science. We all know that!
Jan Smuts, after his personal, painful experiences of the ‘Boereoorlog’ and then the Great War,  drove the initiative to form the ‘League of Nations” (The Commonwealth of Nations – the bigger picture to bridge the differences between the nations of mankind – the Holism of mankind!

Jan Smuts warned the world (America) during the Peace Treaty of Versailles that the terms were unfair, and that there would very likely be another war!  There was! Together with Winston Churchill, they were the driving force behind the formation of a homeland for the Jews – Israel.

Neither Albert Einstein nor Jan Smuts were politicians, although Smuts by allowing himself to ‘drop to that level’ burnt his fingers, and was ultimately largely rejected by his own people, due to selfish, shortsighted ignorance on their part!

These two people, through their love of nature, their ability to see the bigger picture, and their deep unselfish thinking, made a difference in our world and in all of our lives!

Through nature, it is important to endeavour to understand the Holistic picture! – God’s creation.

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