Easter ‘Son Rise’ Service Sunday 27th March 2016

‘Sonrise’ Service

Paardeplaats Jesus Hill

Sunday 27th March 2016

 Hallelujah, the Son has risen!

On Easter Sunday 27th March at 6am, more than 100 enthusiastic people gathered at the ‘Jesus Hill’ cross on Paardeplaats, to worship the most important event on the Christian calendar.
Both young and old, locals and visitors, of all races creeds and cultures, braved the cold and the dark to climb the hill and celebrate the ‘good news’ that the ‘Son has risen’.

Hymns were sung and Pastor Andre Hanekom of the Full Gospel Church, delivered a powerful message that our Lord has indeed risen and that we do not worship a dead God!
As the sun rose at 06h15 there was a very touching and inspiring silence of a minute, held,   as everyone contemplated what He did  for us.

We have been holding this service on Easter Sunday, on the ‘Jesus Hill’ for the past 6 years, and will certainly continue doing so in the future. There will be a similar service held at ‘Penticost’ on Sunday 15th May at 3pm. This service will be held as part of ‘The World Day of Prayer’ when millions of people throughout the world will be praying.
All will be welcome.

Diarise this and let’s join together to make a difference in our own town and country.

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