“Holism is the tendency in nature to form wholes that are greater than the sum of the parts, through creative evolution…”  – Jan Smuts


A Thought provoking question based on the above:

Why is it that Albert Einstein was so impressed by Jan Smuts and vice versa?

They both lived in the same era,  they were both great, deep thinkers! They were both greatly affected by the painful circumstances of their times,  and they both loved nature! Both Einstein and Smuts left deep inroads in the lives we all live today.

Einstein was totally absorbed by his theory of Relativity and Jan Smuts by his thoughts on Philosophy and Holism.  Relativity and Holism have many common overlapping similarities. There is plenty of common ground, in the two ‘theories’.

Albert Einstein had a lasting input in science. We all know that!
Jan Smuts, after his personal, painful experiences of the ‘Boereoorlog’ and then the Great War,  drove the initiative to form the ‘League of Nations” (The Commonwealth of Nations – the bigger picture to bridge the differences between the nations of mankind – the Holism of mankind!

Jan Smuts warned the world (America) during the Peace Treaty of Versailles that the terms were unfair, and that there would very likely be another war!  There was! Together with Winston Churchill, they were the driving force behind the formation of a homeland for the Jews – Israel.

Neither Albert Einstein nor Jan Smuts were politicians, although Smuts by allowing himself to ‘drop to that level’ burnt his fingers, and was ultimately largely rejected by his own people, due to selfish, shortsighted ignorance on their part!

These two people, through their love of nature, their ability to see the bigger picture, and their deep unselfish thinking, made a difference in our world and in all of our lives!

Through nature, it is important to endeavour to understand the Holistic picture! – God’s creation.

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SAUCY CHEF / UPPER CRUST Home-made bread and mezze.

Another successful Saucy Chef course was held at the Upper Crust Club in Lydenburg.

The theme of the morning workshop: Home-made bread and mezze.


Saucy Chef Brian Whitehorn from Paardeplaats Nature Retreat and  André du Preez the talented, young owner/chef at Café Crust once again entertained  12  local passion chefs to a practical Saucy Chef course.


Andre shared his bread-baking skills with the enthusiastic participants who had the opportunity to craft their own ciabatta and sourdough bread. As part of the Bread and Mezze workshop, Brian demonstrated how to make an appetising, healthy “Paté Maison” or chicken liver paté, basil pesto and a hummus – a chickpea dish from North Africa. All three these dishes complimented the legendary  Café Crust ciabatta bread.


Gretli STeyn, Shelly Franke, Nicky Maartens, Nienke Nortje, Elzanda Nel, Chris Smal

Gretli Steyn, Shelly Franke, Nicky Maartens, Nienke Nortje, Elzanda Nel, Chris Smal

Paul Fallone, Shelly Franke, Hester Combrinck

Paul Fallone, Shelly Franke, Hester Combrinck

Gretli Steyn, Nienke Nortje, Nicky Maartens

Gretli Steyn, Nienke Nortje, Nicky Maartens

 Ilse de Waal, Pieter Steyn

Ilse de Waal, Pieter Steyn

Chris Smal & Stephani Roos

Chris Smal & Stephani Roos

Andre-du-Preez, Paul Fallone

Andre-du-Preez, Paul Fallone

Andre, -Nicky Maartens, & Vita Van Rooyen

Andre, -Nicky Maartens, & Vita Van Rooyen



Saucy Chef / Upper Crust Cookery Courses are aimed at those who enjoy fellowship and share a passion for food – not for food snobs or critics, but for people who derive pleasure and fun from the process of planning, preparing and presenting food, and of course, enjoying the pleasures and ambiance created around the table.

Our hands-on workshops are not only demonstrations, but rather an invite to a fun party, and easy meal, enjoying the process while learning. Participants are taught to handle the heat in the kitchen, without burning their fingers, and they also receive all the recipes relating to the course.

Day Courses are held at Café Crust Restaurant and are normally planned around a luncheon accommodating up to 30 people. This can be made up of individuals, groups of friends, birthday parties, or work colleagues, or even year-end or team building functions. Weekend Courses are held on request at Paardeplaats Nature Retreat on the Longtom Pass for groups of 6 – 8 people accommodated in 4 en-suite rooms.

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Crust’s Famous Ciabatta Bread

  1. Preheat oven to 230°C
  2. 2.      Mix dry ingredients together:
    1 kg flour
    12 g salt
    20 g yeast
  3. 800 ml water – must be at room temp
  4. Add water to mixing bowl and slowly incorporate flour mixture in the water, mixing either with a wooden spoon or by hand. Mix until you have a very wet and sticky dough.
  5. Oil a plastic container and add the dough. Cover with cling film and leave to rise until double in volume.
  6. Once the dough has risen, scrape out onto a well-oiled work surface. Be careful not to overwork the dough – you want to keep the air-holes in the bread.
  7. Shape into a rectangular form. Cut the dough into ciabatta shapes and transfer to a well-floured baking tray.
  8. Bake for 20 – 30 mins until the crust is golden and bread has a hollow sound.
  9. Leave to cool for 30 min and then eat.

Celebrate your success – or try again and again until you succeed!!